Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who Killed David Kelly? - The silence about Dr. Kelly’s arm injury : Collective amnesia? Collective stupidity? Or Conspiracy of Silence?

I intend to construct many of the chapters of "Who Killed David Kelly?" as questions.

Hopefully many of these question-posing chapters will be fairly self-contained.

One likely chapter will be entitled something like, "The silence about Dr. Kelly’s arm injury : Collective amnesia? Collective stupidity? Or Conspiracy of Silence?".

The official story is that David Kelly supposedly killed himself by incising his left wrist with a knife.

David Kelly, like most human beings, had two arms.

To incise his left wrist (if, indeed, he did) Dr. Kelly would have to hold the knife in his right hand.

Dr. Kelly, inconveniently for the official story, had fractured his right elbow in a fall from a horse and according to the only witness publicly to comment on the issue couldn't cut a steak with a knife.

Was Dr. Kelly, then, capable of holding a pruning knife in his right hand so as to cut his left wrist?

That seems a crucial question that any competent and honest inquiry would address.

Yet the Hutton Inquiry is totally silent on the existence of the injury or its possible implications for the official "suicide" story.

Lord Hutton doesn't ask about it. Nor do the senior or junior counsel to the Hutton Inquiry.

Why not?

But it is not only the Hutton Inquiry team who are silent on the issue.

Take the witnesses one by one.

Dr. Nicholas Hunt, forensic pathologist, observed an operative scar on the right elbow but fails to consider its significance. Nor does he pause to ask if Dr. Kelly had any functional limitation to the power in his right arm. Very surprising indeed if Dr. Hunt was a forensic pathologist who was supposedly competent and honest.

Janice Kelly, Dr. Kelly's widow, omits mention of the right arm injury at the Hutton Inquiry.

Rachel Kelly, the only one of Dr. Kelly's daughters to give oral evidence to the Hutton Inquiry, omits mention of the right arm injury in her evidence to the Hutton Inquiry.

Dr. Malcolm Warner, Dr. Kelly's General Practitioner, also omits mention of the right elbow injury in his evidence to the Hutton Inquiry.

If this is collective amnesia, I find it startling that both relatives of Dr. Kelly and medical professionals are identically afflicted with amnesia.

Neither Janice or Rachel Kelly, nor Sian Kelly nor Ellen Wilson (Dr. Kelly's other two daughters) have ever publicly raised the issue of the injury to Dr. Kelly's right arm.

If you knew that your husband or father had supposedly used an injured arm to kill himself wouldn't you ask public questions? And ask them loudly?

So why didn't the Kelly family tell the Hutton Inquiry about the injury?

And why do they remain publicly silent to this day?

If there isn't collective amnesia, is it fair to label this continuing silence about the right arm injury a "conspiracy of silence"?

If it's a conspiracy what do the putative conspirators have to gain by their initial and continuing silence?

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