Sunday, 4 March 2012

Proposed Book: "Who killed David Kelly?"

This blog is intended to assist the development and writing of a book provisionally entitled, "Who killed David Kelly?".

The purpose of the book will be to lay out a true life "who dunnit", examining the publicly available evidence about the death of David Kelly.

My plan is to set out, as dispassionately and accurately as I can, the publicly available evidence and let the reader decide who really killed David Kelly.

Did David Kelly kill himself as Lord Hutton would have us believe?

Did someone else kill David Kelly? If so, why have Thames Valley Police and successive British Governments been so active in concealing who killed David Kelly?

What could be of such national political importance that the official cover-up that went into gear as early as the morning of 18th July 2003 continued through 2011, involving very senior Police officers and the United Kingdom's Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC MP?

For the avoidance of doubt my considered opinion, on the basis of the publicly available evidence, is that David Kelly was murdered.

Were the identity of the murderer(s) publicly known there would be seismic political waves in the United Kingdom which would dwarf the impact of the Watergate scandal in the United States.

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